White Towel

Description: 100% cotton terry towelling wipers derived from high-quality face, hand and bath towels from the care and hospitality industry. The feed product is commercially laundered for sterility cut to approximately 45 x 45cm pieces and 100% metal detected. As everyone in the world knows, terry toweling is a soft and incredibly absorbent fabric and the warp knit design enables it to hold up to 25 times its weight in liquid (hence its popularity before the disposable nappy), it’s also fairly low linting – making it a true all-rounder as a wiper and unsurprisingly one of our most popular products.

Application: The wiper of choice throughout the janitorial industry, recommended for applying polishes and stains. Commonly used with solvents as a degreasing pre-coat treatment. Suitable for use with harsh cleaning products or solvents where pigment contamination and colour bleed is a factor.

Packing: compress packed in polythene for efficient and secure storage and transport.

Code: DWT