Mission & Values


We conduct business dealings in a principled and fair manner and maintain a high standard of integrity. We grade and describe our products honestly and accurately and we refrain from making misleading claims or selective omissions.


Our four-stage inspection process includes metal detection that exceeds food industry standards, this is to ensure that we offer a consistently high quality wiping product, fit for purpose and free from contaminants and foreign objects. We strive to meet all statutory requirements regarding product manufacture, storage and delivery and we follow a policy of continual improvement in the quality of product, service and systems.


Much of the product we supply is derived from household and commercial textiles that have been repeatedly laundered and are considered no longer suitable for their original purpose.  The effect of repetitive laundering on a textile is to enhance the softness and absorbency of the fabric, the very qualities that make an outstanding textile wiper. By converting it into wipers we are not only prolonging its useful life but we are also providing a sustainable, practical, low cost, low energy resource.

An additional benefit to the environment of textile recycling is that we are providing an alternative to non-woven and single use paper disposable wipers. Where textile wipers, after useful service can easily be reprocessed for fibre reclamation, non-woven and paper wipers are rarely economically recycled because of the chemicals involved and high energy processes required.

We advocate that recycled textile wipers should be the natural, instinctive choice for any company that is commercially and environmentally aware.